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Floating With UFO and  Butterfly

Solo Exhibition by Wei-Chien, Huang 黃偉茜個展



2022年五月後,竹圍工作室關閉了場域,而我也結束了在那裡近三年的駐村。如今,只要想回去,我就輕輕閉上眼睛,感受一股從肚子內側輕微發癢的靜謐後,瞬間就回到那陽光明媚的午後:雕塑工坊紗門半掩,蝴蝶總是翩然經過,有一次甚至停在我手臂上,吸吮我的汗水;後院的貓咪躡手躡腳地進來,踩一踩我的作品,再無理的走出去;眼鏡蛇,偶爾來say hello,並留下蛇蛻給我紀念;敦敦和牛牛(竹圍狗)輪流走進來,以眼神,暗示我該準備肉了!







Artistic Concept

After May 2022, the Bamboo Studio closed , marking the end of my nearly three-year residency there. Now, whenever I want to go back, I gently close my eyes and feel a subtle itch from the depths of my stomach, instantly transported to those sunny afternoons: the sculpting workshop with its half-open screen door, butterflies gracefully passing by—once even landing on my arm, sipping my sweat; backyard cats tiptoeing in, stepping on my creations, then arrogantly strolling out; occasionally, a cobra coming to say hello, leaving behind shed skin as a memento; Dun Dun and Niu Niu (Bamboo Studio dogs) taking turns walking in, their eyes subtly suggesting it's time for some meat!

In the winter nights after sunset, water and mist saturate the atmosphere, and the distant kitchen shadows blur, making it impossible to distinguish between human and spirit.

So many memories, so few words. Receiving, experiencing, losing—under the care of Guanyin Mountain, I went through a complete cycle in Bamboo Studio. As the next full cycle approaches, I present these works as a dialogue with this piece of land, like slow-moving UFOs, gently circling before departing.

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